The Consumer Protection Office has recovered $8.6 million in favor of Salvadorans

In the category of financial services alone, the recovery amounts to $1.9 million, which was recovered in favor of 1,874 people. This sector and the telecommunications sector are the most denounced.

The president of the Consumer Protection Office (DC), Ricardo Salazar, reported that up to September of this year he had obtained a recovery of $8.6 million in favor of 11,212 consumers.

He stated that dealing with complaints is another of its most important functions, in addition to the extensive work that the institution carries out in terms of price control, inspections, and other procedures related to accompanying the population in consumer activities.

“This vocation has to do with how the Ombudsman’s Office and the Government of President Nayib Bukele are also addressing these consumption problems that also affect the economic part,” said the official.

He explained that the amount of recovery occurred in the sectors related to real estate, financial services, telecommunications, appliances, furniture, household items, and services in general.

“In financial matters alone, we have recovered $1.9 million in favor of 1,874 consumers on issues related to improper charges, incorrect calculations of interest, and this represents an important level of contribution made by the government,” he said.

He also mentioned that the financial and telecommunications sectors persist among the most denounced by the population, due to the massive nature of the products and services in question and their direct economic implications for the population.

About the holidays

Regarding the stronger consumer activities that he expects for the rest of the year, Salazar said that he will activate his teams to guarantee the rights of consumers regarding Black Friday offers, which take place in November, and the December festivities.

Institution staff will be deployed throughout the country to verify that there are no abuses in the deployment of offers and promotions, especially in terms of misleading advertising, visible information, expiration dates, and other legal requirements that bidders must comply with.