Japan Airlines is interested in El Salvador

El Salvador continues to position itself as an attractive destination for travelers and, in turn, for the promotion of airline business initiatives.

Given this growing international interest, the government of President Nayib Bukle, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy in Japan, arranged a meeting with representatives of Japan Airlines (JAL), one of the main air service companies in the Asian country.

In this first approach, Salvadoran officials shared information on the potential offered by the country in terms of tourism, as well as plans for the management of the flows of people who pass through the San Óscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez International Airport.

In this sense, the Senior Marketing Vice President for Japan Airline Route Marketing, Ryuzo Toyoshima, indicated that the information shared is of great interest for the promotion of the country in Japan, where it can be highlighted for the destinations and activities it has. The Savior.

“We can be an important ally for this new impulse with Japan and create fruitful long-term relationships,” said the Japan Airlines representative, who was also accompanied by the manager of the airline’s International Routes Strategy Group, Yuki Hashimoto.

Japan Airlines was created on August 1, 1951, based in Shinagawa, Tokyo, and is the flag carrier airline of Japan.

For her part, the Minister of Tourism, Morena Valdez, indicated that connectivity is essential if tourism is to be increased on both routes.

“We want them to know what the government of President Nayib Bukele is doing, and to know that they have an ally and a strategic partner in this region, both for Japanese travelers and those from the Asian continent,” said Valdez.

At the meeting, they also highlighted the installed capacity of the air terminal, which is positioned as the largest and most modern in the region, as well as the flight routes that already exist to connect Japan with El Salvador.

“The Asian market, especially the Japanese, is of great interest to us, and we already have products and tourist packages prepared to receive more travelers from this place,” said the executive director of the Salvadoran Tourism Corporation (Corsatur), Alejandra Duran.

For his part, the Salvadoran ambassador to Japan, Diego Dalton, highlighted that currently, 13 airlines operate in the country, with direct access to 23 origin and destination routes that connect with 10 countries, which has led to the country occupying the first place in terms of attracting tourists by air.

He added that between January 1 and October 23, the country received 2.7 million international visitors, with an average length of stay of 8.4 nights. In the case of Japanese travelers, about 4,800 tourists have been received in recent years.