Gabriela de Bukele, the First Lady, has been awarded the World Prize for Children 2022

OMEEDI recognized the work carried out through the Growing Together Policy, which seeks to ensure that all girls and boys reach their maximum development potential.

The World Organization for Education, Stimulation, and Child Development (OMEEDI) presented the World Prize for Children 2022 to the first lady, Gabriela de Bukele, in the category of Politics and Society.

This recognition is due to the implementation of the National Policy to Support Early Childhood Development Grow Together.

«Like all of us here who work in education, we know that for learning to really transform, we must share it with quality and warmth, because there is no education without love. I know that we have chosen a long path, but very rewarding, because we are working for the present and the future of our countries”, was the message of the First Lady, which was transmitted by the ambassador of El Salvador in Cuba, David Cruz, who received the award on behalf of Gabriela de Bukele.

The First Lady was appointed as an Honorary Member of the World Council of Academics and University Researchers (COMAU).

The Growing Together Policy is a national effort led by the first lady, Gabriela de Bukele, whose objective is for all girls and boys to reach their maximum development potential from early childhood, regardless of their social or economic status, indicated the Office of the First Lady.

During her management, Gabriela de Bukele has worked to ensure the rights and protection of early childhood in the country through different initiatives.