The Quezaltepeque photovoltaic plant is nearly finished

The park has a generation capacity of 21 megawatts that will benefit 150,000 homes, informed the commissioner of Strategic Projects, Cristian Flores.

The German company MPC Energy Solutions is putting the finishing touches on the construction of the Santa Rosa and Villa Sol photovoltaic plants located in Quezaltepeque, department of La Libertad, which is already 86% complete.

The commissioner of strategic projects, Cristian Flores, confirmed the progress of the solar park that will have an installed generation capacity of 21 megawatts of energy that will benefit 150,000 homes, according to company studies.

The official highlighted the importance of these types of initiatives that are consistent with the government’s vision of diversifying the country’s energy matrix to favor the population with better prices and reduce the impact on the environment.

«The vision of President Nayib Bukele is characteristic in seeking methods and ways to have renewable energy. We are talking about a plant that is going to produce 21 megawatts,” said Flores.

Flores added that the attraction of this type of investment in the country, such as the one represented by the photovoltaic plant, is due to the strategic decisions and leadership of the president of the republic that generate confidence in foreign investors.

In this sense, he pointed out that the project represents an investment of $24 million, and that the Quezaltepeque plant is only one of the four that MPC Energy Solutions intends to install in the country in the medium term, for which it estimates an investment of $100 million.

For his part, the director of MPC Energy Solutions, Victor Atehortua, said that they expect to start the operational tests of the solar park in November, and stressed that the best technology has been installed at the plant, developed on 50 blocks of land.

«In November we are going to start operational tests, we already have all the power equipment installed on the site. We are in the wiring phase and the completion of the installation of the panels », he stated.

The 34,000 panels installed on the site have bifacial technology, that is, they are capable of generating energy through direct sunlight and also that which they perceive as bouncing through the rear face of the panel.


In addition to the contribution to the generation of electricity that the new photovoltaic plant will bring to the area, those in charge reported that its construction will provide 55 direct and 20 indirect jobs, all with labor from the area.

They will also support the remodeling and readjustment of the kindergarten classroom at the Juana Galán de Quintanilla School Center, in addition to the cleaning, remodeling, and improvement of the natural water wells in the Santa Rosita community and the planting of at least 2,000 trees with the support of the community.