Iberia returns to El Salvador with daily and direct flights to Madrid

At the end of October and the beginning of the highest season for travel and tourism, the airline Iberia announced that it will start direct flights to Madrid, Spain, from the International Airport of El Salvador as of October 30.

The airline, which has been present in the country since 2010, indicated that it will bring an Airbus A350 to the country, an aircraft that has a capacity for 349 passengers. The frequency will be daily.

“Iberia returns to El Salvador with daily and direct flights to Madrid from October 30, operated by Airbus A350, with a business cabin and free wi-fi for messaging to all our passengers who are part of the Iberia Plus program,” reported the company.

The announcement was also confirmed on Tuesday night by the Civil Aviation Authority (AAC), which also stated that El Salvador would be one of the first countries in Latin America to base an aircraft like this.

Likewise, the institution affirmed that the arrival of this new aircraft is due to the operational security systems that El Salvador has, which allow the incorporation of modern aircraft and provide quality service to companies and tourists.

The ACC stated that the Spanish airline has never stopped operating in the country; however, with the arrival of these new planes, the fleet will be expanded.

Iberia, which is part of the 13 airlines that operate at the airport, seeks to increase its frequencies from El Salvador as part of its growth plan in Latin America. The expansion of its frequencies in the region is confirmed on its web portal.

On the other hand, the airline confirmed that it seeks to strengthen itself in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Uruguay and the rest of Central America.

«Last September, Iberia celebrated the 75th anniversary of its flights with Latin America, its main market and on which it has developed all its strategy in recent years, building a true bridge between Europe and the region and turning Madrid into the main gateway from Ibero-America to the old continent”, states a press release.