In less than 72 hours, connectivity was restored on Paseo General Escalón

The Minister of Public Works, Romeo Rodrguez, and the executive director of the Road Conservation Fund (Fovial), Alexánder Beltrán, supervised the completion, in less than 72 hours, of the gully mitigation and elimination works in San Salvador’s Paseo General Escalón and 79th North Avenue as a result of heavy rains caused by storm Julia.

The gully was caused by the collapse of a sewage pipe and was detected on Thursday, October 13, in the afternoon. However, with the exploration activities, a sinkhole was discovered, which was filled with 200 cubic meters of mudcrete, since this caused damage to the internal lane towards Plaza Fuentes Beethoven.

“First the sewage outfall was diverted to prevent the gully from getting bigger […]. A fill with mudcrete was made to reach the level of the new eight-inch pipe that was reinstalled; for quality control, it was waited to continue with the filling of the gully, “said Minister Rodríguez.

The investment to carry out the work was $32,000, indicated the head of the Ministry of Public Works.

For his part, the director of Fovial explained that an average of 80 tons of asphalt per layer was placed and 390 square meters of street were intervened in that area.

To develop the work, the vehicular passage was kept closed.

“Preventively and for safety reasons, we restricted vehicular traffic in the area to identify if there was more damage,” said Beltrán.

Traffic in the area was enabled on Saturday, which benefited thousands of people who travel through the area daily.

On the other hand, Minister Rodríguez reported that the work on La Mascota Street, in San Salvador, where the collapse of the pipes occurred, had been completed.

“In that area, it will not be paved immediately because a road reconstruction project is already being carried out. It will be done when it is rehabilitated in a few days, “said the official.