El Salvador has gone three years without a single dengue death

Zero deaths from dengue have been recorded by the Ministry of Health (Minsal) in the last three years. This result is attributed to the comprehensive actions carried out to combat the mosquito that transmits this and other arboviruses.

This medium spoke with the Deputy Minister of Health Management and Development, Carlos Alvarenga, who highlighted the work that the vector control teams carry out.

«The vector control groups are working hard in the field, trying to identify mosquito breeding sites, eliminating the larvae, carrying out the fumigation processes, and other strategies that are being carried out in an integral and systematic way. This means that we have not had mortalities all these years, “said Vice Minister Alvarenga.

According to the Bulletin of the Epidemiological Week (EW) 39 of the Ministry of Health, the confirmed cases of dengue up to EW 38 registered a decrease.

“Until EW 38 of 2022, 56 cases have been confirmed, and for the same period of 2019, 598 cases have been confirmed,” the document details.

Similarly, up to week 39, the fumigation of 10,418 homes and 107 collective areas (educational centers, churches, institutional facilities, among others) was recorded.

«The call to the population is that we join together to change certain behaviors and eliminate water stagnation. We are in a winter stage (sic) where water can remain in tires, crates, and other devices to eliminate the probability that the mosquito will nest,” Alvarenga said.