“We will start with the reconstruction of the infrastructure damaged by the storm. And we will build it much better »: President Bukele

The president of the republic, Nayib Bukele, reported that in a short time they will begin the reconstruction of the infrastructure damaged by tropical storm Julia in El Salvador, and he stated that it will not only be restored, but that it will be built “much better.” 

“In a few days, we will start with the reconstruction of all the damaged infrastructure. And we will not only restore it, but we will build it better. Much better », reported President Bukele through his Twitter account.

The president stated that his administration has worked “with all its might” in order to attend to the emergency caused by the tropical storm.

More than 19 people were deployed in the country to attend to the different emergencies at different points. In addition, thousands of people residing in high-risk areas were evacuated and taken to prepared shelters.

“And we continue to work, saving lives, caring for the victims, opening roads and reestablishing the supply chain,” added Bukele.

For the time being, the El Salvadoran government is continuing to restore damage caused by the storm.