President Nayib Bukele once again belied economist Steve Hanke

The President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, once again questioned the analysis made by the American economist Steve Hanke a few months ago on El Salvador’s energy capacity, this time based on official data from the Central Reserve Bank (BCR), which shows that the country is now an exporter of energy and not just an importer.

Bukele took up Hanke’s publications from January of this year, in which he questioned the possibility of El Salvador promoting the Bitcoin City project, noting that, at that time, the country was more of an importer than an exporter of energy in the region.

This time, taking up the publication of Forbes Central America Magazine, who highlighted that El Salvador currently exports up to $33 million in electricity, Bukele questioned Hanke’s assertions and stressed that his analysis only revealed his tendency to favor the system. traditional banking.

Remember when this ID-10 said that #Bitcoin la Ciudad was unviable because El Salvador had a “huge energy deficit” and “imported 22% of its electricity use”? Well, check out the NEW REALITY in the tweet below. I told you… Time has shown that you are only a false economist and a henchman of the banks », published Bukele from his Twitter account.

Last January, Bukele denied Hanke’s accusations and statements, who at that time assured that El Salvador had an energy deficit that could be even more affected by the implementation of Bitcoin City, the project with which the Government of El Salvador seeks to innovate the Salvadoran economy.

On his Twitter account, Hanke assured that El Salvador has a considerable energy deficit, which is why 22% of the energy consumed in the country is imported. In addition, he insinuated that the implementation of Bitcoin City lacks feasibility studies that certify its execution and guarantee that it will not affect the country’s energy.

In response to these statements, President Bukele responded from his Twitter account that El Salvador actually produces twice the energy it consumes and that the reason for importing energy is that the country is part of a regional open energy market. and that producers from other countries still exceed El Salvador in prices.

“El Salvador does not have an energy deficit. In fact, we can produce twice as much energy as we consume. The maximum energy consumption in El Salvador is 1,030 MW, while the installed capacity is capable of producing 2,065.79 MW from these sources,” President Bukele responded at the time.