President Bukele to the gangs: “Surrender to justice and pay for the crimes you committed”

The President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, responded forcefully to a video message circulating on social networks in which the gangs express their regret and promise to change: «No. Surrender to justice and pay the penalty for the crimes you committed. That is the only alternative you will have,” the president wrote on his Twitter account.

“Look at us as humans, not as animals, because we also have families, we have children, and we don’t want to harm anyone,” thus begins the video in which a terrorist with multiple gang tattoos is seen showing an attitude of repentance.

The member of the criminal structures goes on to say in the audiovisual: “We want to change. We only ask that you reach out your hand, not your elbow. Something to show you that, yes, we are different, that we can change this country. With love, everything is possible.

This is the message issued on social networks by the criminal structures accused of causing thousands of homicides in the country for decades.

The Salvadoran population has witnessed a change in security thanks to the strategies implemented by the government of El Salvador through the Security Cabinet, among which are the Territorial Control Plan and the emergency regime, which have allowed the capture of more than 53,000 terrorists who kept the Salvadoran population in anxiety.