The Master Plan for cycle paths is committed to sustainable urban mobility

As part of the execution of the Master Plan for Bicycle Paths in the country, the director of the Road Conservation Fund (Fovial), Alexánder Beltrán, reported in an interview that it is planned to begin the adaptation of bicycle paths in the northern area of San Salvador, specifically on San Carlos Street, on the university boulevard and in the El Roble neighborhood.

“Our goal in the end is for these three points to be connected, and later we would move to the east of the city, which would probably involve the Army Boulevard, and thus provide an option for all the inhabitants who are in this area. We are investing $2 million in the first stage and we are going to continue investing similar amounts in the other stages,” said Beltrán.

The official commented that this project has been implemented for approximately three months in different sectors of the country. He stressed that it will also be developed in other locations with the aim of connecting them with the historic center of San Salvador.

«It is planned to start a bicycle path in the south of the city, on Cuba Avenue and 10th Avenue, in the next few days. The objective will be to connect the Historic Center and not be considered an option to exercise, but also, in the future, an option to attend jobs or educational centers, “said the director.

Beltrán also reported that the ordering of bike lanes on Hippodrome Boulevard has already been carried out, and the adaptation of these sections on Los Almendros Avenue, 87th Avenue, and 7th Street, in San Salvador, continues. In addition, he confirmed that preparations are being made to take this project to the eastern part of the country.