Bloom Hospital receives 27 electric beds for intensive care

The Benjamin Bloom National Children’s Hospital received this afternoon from the Ministry of Health electric beds for intensive care, which will be of benefit to patients receiving care at this specialized health center.

“These 27 new electric beds add to the strength that we have maintained in the hospital network, which allows us to provide those tools that health personnel need. Six of the teams will be for the internal medicine area, eight in infectious diseases, four in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, and nine in the Pediatric Unit,” said the Minister of Health, Francisco Alabi, during the delivery.

According to the Minsal, this is the first time that this health center will have this equipment, which allows patients to be placed in different positions.

«These beds have a robust structure, are easy to clean and resistant to the accumulation of bacteria. In addition, they have an anti-decubitus mattress made of high-density foam and a waterproof coating,” added Alabi.