«Cero Basura»: national solid waste collection campaign begins in El Salvador

ask Sunday, the government of El Salvador, through the different institutions that make up the National Civil Protection System, carried out a national campaign to collect solid waste in different areas of the country.

One of the points where the national solid waste collection campaign took place, was the municipality of Mejicanos, in San Salvador. The activity is coordinated by the general director of Civil Protection, Luis Amaya.

«Today we formally started the ‘Zero Basura’ waste collection campaign, to provide the population with clean spaces and support the work that municipalities do. This is a job that has been organized with all instances of the President’s government. We work in coordination with the municipalities and at the departmental level,» Amaya announced.

From the first hour of this Sunday, more than 500 people were present at the Cerrón Grande reservoir, in Potonico, Chalatenango, for the collection of floating solid waste.

«We are here, as the Government of the President, working in coordination with the Tactical Operational Teams, the inmates of the Zero Leisure Plan, the PNC, and the Armed Forces. The objective of this effort is to give the community clean spaces with zero garbage,» said the director of civil protection.

Waste collection will be carried out in each of the country’s municipalities in a staggered manner, prioritizing the points that have the greatest problems with the issue of garbage. 

«Maintaining a clean city has nothing to do with how many times the sanitation train passes, but how much we take care of not generating more garbage and making sure that it is collected,» said Luis Amaya.

President Bukele shared on social media that the campaign was also supported by 5,000 additional people, collecting waste all around the country. He also raised awareness about the future and the environment «But what can we expect from the future, if we do not take care of our environment, if we dirty our streets, rivers, lakes, forests and beaches».