A Salvadoran producer will invest $5 million in three local films

A universal story to win festivals. «Fireflies in El Mozote» is the name of the Salvadoran film that will start shooting in November of this year, the first of three to be made by the United States-based producer from Santa Ana, Elías Axume.

The first of the three productions will come to life under the direction of Ernesto Melara, also from El Salvador, and will have a budget of $1.4 million, an unprecedented figure in film creation in the country, reported Axume.

«It is the biggest feature film to be made in El Salvador, the most ambitious, because we wanted a quality production to represent the country,» said the producer.

His vision for «Fireflies at El Mozote» is ambitious, «it has the potential to go to international festivals like Cannes, Berlin or San Sebastian because it is a universal story, it has a passionate director, and enough technical resources,» he added.

The other two films are «Toque de Queda» and «Elba», these will be under the direction of Arturo Menéndez and in total, Axume’s producer, Premiere Entertainment, will invest around $5 million, giving a new impetus to this industry in the country. and generating hundreds of jobs in the process.

Premiere Entertainment was born in 2012 and works in the film industry as a distributor, financier, and producer. According to Axume, his company currently makes independent films, mostly in English, which it distributes around the world. As a producer, he accumulated 24 titles.

With a consolidated career in the United States, Axume returns to El Salvador wanting to make movies, affirms that he has always had his eyes on the country where he was born, but that until today he finds the necessary conditions to develop these projects.

«I want to make movies in El Salvador because I am Salvadoran and to open doors to promote the country,» he said, while detailing the multiple benefits that promoting this type of project brings to nations since «cinema brings jobs for local actors and other workers and promotes the country’s image,» he said.

On the other hand, he said that he was surprised by the quantity and quality of the national actors and actresses. He explained that in the recording of «Fireflies in El Mozote» a cast of 42 people will take part, of which only four will be foreigners. In addition, the rest of the production team is also Salvadoran.

The producer explained that in order to facilitate the entry of the film into the big leagues of cinema, a recognized face was necessary for the leading role, for which he confirmed the participation of the Spanish actress Paz Vega, highlighted by films such as Spanglish, Rambo: The Last Mission or The Jesuit. She will play the character of Aurelia in «Fireflies in El Mozote».