More than 50,200 gang members were captured during the exception regime in El Salvador

The Ministry of Public Security confirmed this Friday that the number of members and collaborators of gang groups detained in El Salvador so far under the emergency regime amounts to more than 50,200.

The authorities indicated that there have been 50,272 subjects linked to criminal and terrorist structures who have been placed under arrest so far in the emergency regime throughout the national territory.

These arrests are added to the results obtained in terms of public security in the country, where the last nine consecutive days that have been recorded with zero homicides in this month of August stand out. In addition, since 2019, in El Salvador there have been more than 175 days with this positive statistic.

The exception regime was approved by the Legislative Assembly on March 27 in response to the latest rise in homicides registered in the country. This initiative is still in force after having been extended for the fifth time due to the good results obtained in recent months.

Since the emergency regime was approved, the National Civil Police (PNC) and the Armed Forces of El Salvador (FAES) have coordinated efforts to deploy throughout Salvadoran territory and interdict and capture members of gangs.

In addition, in conjunction with the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), it has been possible to prosecute and put behind bars most of those linked to terrorist groups who have been detained so far under the emergency regime.