The government is in consultations to implement trams or electric buses in the Metropolitan Area of San Salvador

The Government of President Nayib Bukele, through the Vice Ministry of Transportation, continues with the consultations or feasibility studies of two mass transit options that improve the mobility of Salvadorans in the Metropolitan Area of San Salvador.

According to the studies, the means under evaluation are transport on rails or streetcar and, on the other hand, an electric bus system. The authorities visualize the two options for their scope since the AMSS concentrates more than 70% of collective transport trips, according to the VMT.

One of the objectives is to implement a massive system that helps save time and money for the user when traveling to destinations through a decent service that solves the problems of traffic, pollution, and inefficiency.

The possibility of implementing a public transport service based on rails would follow the main demand route, that is, from east to west from Santa Tecla to Soyapango, or to San Martn, according to the VMT.

Although there are other alternatives, such as implementing an electric bus transport system.

«We have been studying the possibility of a rail-based (transportation) system for the Metropolitan Area. We are already quite advanced with these studies,» said Deputy Transport Minister Saúl Castelar.

An electric bus alternative arose from an official trip to Sweden to learn about initiatives related to transportation and sustainability. The Volvo Group plant was visited, which created a bus line that, apart from being safe, efficient and designed to reduce costs, does not generate pollution associated with noise and greenhouse gas emissions.