Construction of Circuit 2 of Surf City in Punta Mango will generate more than 1,500 jobs in El Salvador

The construction of Circuit 2 of Surf County, which will connect the most important tourist spots in the eastern part of El Salvador, will mean the generation of more than 1,500 jobs, both direct and indirect, according to the director of Municipal Works, Alvaro O’Byrne.

The official pointed out that the construction of this stage of Surf City will generate 1,200 indirect and 600 direct employees, bringing another benefit to Salvadorans. In addition, he highlighted that only in the 13-kilometer stretch to be built in Punta Mango, in Usulutan, $41 million will be invested.

«This is an important project that is part of Surf City 2. We have already started with the dirt work. 41 million dollars will be invested to improve the entire street, which is 13 kilometres long. These works are part of Surf City’s Phase 1 of Circuit 2. Phase 2 will be from Punta Mango to El Espino beach », he commented.

“With this project, 600 direct jobs and more than 1,200 indirect jobs are being generated. The road consists of two lanes. It has an extension for bike paths, sidewalks, LED lights, and underground electrical and telephone wiring. The project includes seven passageworks and bridges. These works were promised by past governments, but were never carried out », he added.

O’Byrne explained that there are 11 hamlets that will have a direct benefit from this project and highlighted what was stated by the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, about the quality of the tourist spots located in that sector of the country, ideal for the practice of surfing and other recreational activities.

“This is a comprehensive project: we will build the Jucuarán health unit and intervene in the school of the Agua Fríafarmhouse and the one in the El Carrizal farmhouse, as well as the Alicia Cisneros de Zelayandía educational complex. It will take 18 months to complete this project. This is investing in the development of tourism », he said.

Finally, O’Byrne referred to the work being carried out in the Historic Center of San Salvador, explaining that “there will be 120 days of work, with an investment of $1.9 million, and more than 2,000 cubic meters of asphalt mix will be used.”

“On January 5, this National Patching Plan began and we are working in 85 municipalities simultaneously, recovering the entire municipal road network in the country. In San Salvador, we have already made 75% progress. We ask the population interested in the development of their municipalities to join, to attend job fairs », he stressed.