More than 20,000 hectares have been reforested this year with the Trees for El Salvador program

The Minister of the Environment, Fernando López, reported yesterday that, through the Trees for El Salvador program, this year alone they have reforested more than 20,000 hectares. This project has various components and phases. One of the first is the establishment of nurseries, where there are local or native species that can be adapted to the conditions of each place, such as forest species for Protected Natural Areas (ANP), and for agroforestry systems. During the rainy season, planting and reforestation are carried out.

“We are with the reforestation project. This year there are 20,000 hectares reforested, it is a very important amount of forest that has been recovered. It is a constant job, in the nurseries it does not stop throughout the year,” reported López.

The minister indicated that they recently inaugurated the forest seed nursery to have the exact genetics that are adapted to the climatic conditions of El Salvador. «It is a technical job, which is done as a team. We work hand in hand with the Ministry of Agriculture », he detailed.

As he explained, citizens can collaborate with the protection of forests and natural areas by reducing contamination by waste, since it is one of the main problems that have been identified in the country. According to data from the National Waste Diagnosis, 4,226.48 tons of waste are generated per day in the country.

“This is a job for all salvadorans to reduce the amount of waste. Many times the drains are only covered with garbage, on the beaches, the estuaries and rivers bring garbage and waste », he pointed out.