Safe Vacations Plan 2022 closed with successful numbers of attention, rescues, and visitors in El Salvador

The government authorities that are part of the National Civil Protection Commission provided this morning the final balance on the emergencies that were attended from July 29 to August 7, 2022, with the implementation of the Safe Vacation Plan 2022.

The Lifeguard Unit carried out 137 aquatic rescues, of which 68 were adults and 69 were minors. Simple rescues were 65 and deep rescues 72.

“There have been many activities in which we have remained alert. We are a government that has a well-defined center of its actions, and it is the salvadorans, their protection, their security, and their well-being,” reported the Minister of the Interior, Juan Carlos Bidegain .

The beaches and water parks where these rescues have been carried out were Los Chorros Water Park, Amapulapa Water Park, San Vicente, Nejapa Water Park, San Salvador, Mizata, La Libertad, El Obispo, La Libertad, San Blas, La Libertad, Barra de Santiago, Ahuachapán, El Tunco, La Libertad, Conchalio, La Libertad, El Cuco, San Miguel, Las Tunas, La Unión, San Marcelino, La Paz; among others.

In relation to traffic accidents, from July 30 to August 7, the Terrestrial Traffic Directorate registered 441 road accidents, 289 injured, 39 deceased, and 70 arrested for dangerous driving.

For its part, the Fire Department of El Salvador kept 650 operational firefighters and 35 elements of the Inspectors Unit, who have put out 21 fires, of which there have been 10 fires in vehicles, 10 structural fires, and a fire in undergrowth.

In addition, 70% of tourists visited the water parks, with 169,000 visitors. There was a growth of 32% compared to 2019. No incidents were recorded in the ISTU centers. The most visited parks were Balboa Park, Amapulapa, and Apulo Revereative Center. July 31 was the day that registered the most visitors.

In relation to health care, the Deputy Minister of Health, Carlos Alvarenga, highlighted that emergency care, prevention, environmental and vector control, and pandemic management were the main approaches. There were 67,869 consultations and 3,989 emergency consultations.