Direct flights between El Salvador and Roatán exceed expectations

Since August 1, Salvadorans have begun to enjoy the paradisiacal beaches of Roatán, Honduras, the largest island in the Bay archipelago, through the TAG El Salvador airline, which restarted its operations to that destination.

Karina Molina, country manager of TAG Operations in El Salvador, informed that in the first two days of operation they mobilized more than 68 Salvadorans between Monday and Wednesday, which is considered a success.

«At the moment, so far in August, we have had quite a lot of acceptance of the flights. We started it on August 1 and these two days we have had full operation, “said the airline manager.

The airline’s commitment is to continue growing and offer passengers more connections on a Central American scale. Currently, the airline only operates between El Salvador, Guatemala and Roatán. However, by 2023, TAG seeks to enter the Costa Rican market.

“We are thinking of covering all of Central America in the future. We are analyzing being able to start operations with Costa Rica in 2023 », she reaffirmed.

Molina explained that the flight to Roatán is operated by a Saab 340, which has a capacity of 34 passengers.

In addition, TAG provides complete packages that include transportation, all-inclusive hotels, and taxes from Roatán and El Salvador. The cost of each package starts at $550.

At the moment, the flights have a frequency on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from Roatán to El Salvador at 11:00 a.m. and from Roatán to El Salvador at 1:00 p.m. Although there is a possibility that at the end of the year-between November and December-the number of flights on that route will increase. The cost of the ticket is around $399.

“The flight is direct, non-stop, and we are implementing it. We did it on these dates because we know that they are days on which we Salvadorans can take advantage of traveling, ” added the manager.

TAG began operations in the country in 2000, but it was in 2014 when it launched the direct flight route between El Salvador and Roatán. However, the destination was paused for a certain time.

“The route was paused for reasons of renewal as an airline, but (now) our current fleet is growing and we will fly again,” reiterated the TAG executive.

On the other hand, she highlighted that this year, the airline acquired a new ATR 500 aircraft, and they expect to purchase three more this year. Likewise, as part of their expansion strategy, they have opened four new routes to Oaxaca, Tuxtla, Tapachula, and Cancún, in Mexico.