A Saudi Company Explores Investing in El Salvador

The investment and security climate that El Salvador currently generates has drawn the attention of dozens of international companies that are exploring injecting their capital into Salvadoran lands.

As confirmed by the Salvadoran ambassador to the United States, Milena Mayorga, one of the new companies seeking to position itself in the country is INVEST SAUDI, a company in charge of promoting Saudi Arabia.

“Before I came to El Salvador, I was talking with [executives] from INVEST SAUDI, which is a company from Saudi Arabia. The company has asked us to show the five largest projects, which, in addition, some of them have a social impact, because they want to look for opportunities in El Salvador,” said the diplomat.

She added that El Salvador has shown another face to the world thanks to the work of President Nayib Bukele’s government, which is why businessmen are interested in megaprojects and also in projects of social interest.

INVEST SAUDI is the investment promotion and attraction brand of Saudi Arabia. In addition, it is supervised by the Ministry of Investments (MISA), and facilitates projects that support the economic growth of the Asian country and position it at the forefront of the global business world.

Currently, the firm is an expert in projects in sectors such as aviation, agriculture, energy, transport and logistics, as well as mining, tourism, pharmaceuticals, human capital innovation, and banks, among others.

“We are bringing a good flow of entrepreneurs to El Salvador from different parts of the world. […] These entrepreneurs are looking for better business opportunities in El Salvador », she stated.

Mayorga indicated that since she began her position, she has worked on 16 investment and business missions to favor the Salvadoran economy.

On the other hand, the ambassador indicated that Bank of the Future, a global platform for investments in cryptocurrencies and startups registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, will bring a large investment to the country.

«They are already opening operations, since January they have held meetings at a very high level and now they are already in the hiring process. By the end of the year, we expect that they will already have the licenses to operate and will bring in a capital of $6,000 million”, she pointed out.