Climate Resilience Program for Coffee Forests in El Salvador will benefit 7,500 producers

An estimated 7,500 coffee growers will benefit over a five-year period from the Climate Resilience Program for Coffee Forests in El Salvador, recently inaugurated by the Minister of Agriculture, Enrique Parada.

«The coffee sector represents the support of thousands of families who work in the coffee plantations from the cultivation of the grain to the harvest; a sector that has historically represented one of the most thriving pillars in the national economy. However, during the last government it deteriorated due to the little interest shown by past presidents,” said the official.

The official assured that during 2022, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) will execute the first phase of the program with the renovation of 8,500 acres of the coffee park, which will benefit 1,000 small coffee producers.

Likewise, he pointed out that the reactivation of coffee farming is one of the government’s priorities because it is a catalyst for the rural economy.

The MAG affirmed that during this year the delivery of 12.5 million plants will be made, which will be distributed in the coffee mountain ranges of Apaneca – Ilamatepec, Bálsamo – Quezaltepec and Chichontepec, in the departments of Santa Ana, Ahuachapán, Sonsonate, La Libertad, San Salvador , La Paz, Cuscatlan and San Vicente.

“This action seeks to improve coffee agroecosystems and conserve natural resources. The repopulation of the coffee park began in 2021, benefiting 2,380 producers,” the minister reported.

In this process, he continued, the producers will receive six varieties of coffee trees: Anacafé 14, Catisic, Marsellesa, Bourbón, Cuscatleco, San Pacho and Pacamara, a variant native to El Salvador recognized in the world for its quality and its versatility for gourmet tastings.

Likewise, he indicated that all the plants were analyzed by MAG technicians who determined that they were free of pests and diseases; in addition to having a percentage of genetic conformity (purity) with a minimum of 80%.

Agriculture stated that 35 extension technicians specializing in coffee were assigned to this effort, who are carrying out more than 1,000 diagnoses and farm plans for small producers to guarantee the best use of resources.

In addition, the specialists will provide technical assistance for three years in a personalized way, through 50 coffee innovation plots, and two more years in a massive way, through training.