El Salvador reported another full week without homicides

El Salvador registers, once again, a week with zero homicides, as announced by the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, and the National Civil Police (PNC) through their Twitter accounts. Days without violent deaths have been reported between July 16 and July 22.

“Few believed that, in such a short time, we would be so successful. Thank god. Zero homicides. We continue … », as posted by the president.

So far this year, the authorities report a total of 67 days without violent deaths. 60 of these have been during the emergency regime.

In three years of President Bukele’s management, the implementation of security measures such as the Territorial Control Plan and the regime has allowed the authorities to achieve 158 days with zero homicides.

Police records detail that, since the first month of this administration, homicides, extortion, and other types of crime have decreased significantly.

The results obtained so far in terms of security indicate that 2022 could become the safest year in the country’s history. Until today, 2021 has been the safest year, with a historical low of 1,140 homicides reported from January to December, or 15% fewer reported crimes than in 2020, which ended with 1,341.

Within the framework of the emergency regime, the statistics reveal that July has already equaled the months of April and June, which ended with 14 days without murders, while the month with the most days with zero homicides is still May, with 17, which has been considered by the authorities as the safest month in decades. In May, a complete week was also reported without violent deaths between days 14 and 20.

If the current trend continues, July could surpass May as the safest month in the entire recent history of our country. The Bukele administration continues to leave behind the bloody years of up to 30 homicides a day experienced by the governments of ARENA and the FMLN.