Salvadoran coffee’s demand expands in South Korea

A delegation from the Korean company Foosung Ltd. visited the country on July 12 and 13 to do business in the coffee sector with the support of the Salvadoran embassy in South Korea.

The company’s commitment is to buy and distribute high-altitude coffee that is grown in the six coffee-growing regions of El Salvador.

“We are here in search of good Salvadoran coffee. We are a new importing company interested in both high-yield varieties and exclusive micro-lot varieties,” said Foosung Ltd. CEO Yon Eung Zoo.

The company representatives were received by authorities from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Directorate of Economic Relations.

The activities for the company to identify potential suppliers and learn about the origin, specialties, and production processes of the coffee were organized by the Salvadoran Coffee Council (CSC).

As part of this agenda, the delegation visited the CSC Laboratory and tasted varieties of bourbon, paca, and pacamara coffee, and also visited some farms in the coffee-growing areas to see first-hand the ways and processes of production.

At the end of the day, Yon Eung Zoo said that the visit to Salvadoran land allowed them to establish business contacts with a view to finalizing the purchase of three or four containers for next year.

“Salvadoran coffee has a very good consistency, freshness, and sweetness. During the cupping session, I found many varieties that meet that requirement, and they are just what we are looking for. We want to buy your coffee, support your producers, and grow together. We are also going to recommend them to other businessmen in the field,” said the representative of Foosung Ltd.