A $200 million investment will supply energy from the sun and power Bitcoin mining

During a TV interview yesterday, the Ambassador of El Salvador to the United States, Milena Mayorga, said that with an investment of $200 million, a Swiss consortium, led by a Salvadoran, made a commitment to build a photovoltaic plant in the country that will inject energy into the national grid but will also be used to mine bitcoin.

«Josué López is a young Salvadoran who lives in Switzerland and has a fund that he manages from several consortiums, and this is the one that is coming to invest in El Salvador. Precisely they are going to aim to be able to supply more of the energy needs of El Salvador with a photovoltaic plant that is going to help us generate more renewable energy, but, in addition, on one side they will have a bitcoin mining plant, ” said the official.

The ambassador announced that the first stone of the work will be placed this Tuesday in Nueva Concepción, Chalatenango.

“Tomorrow (today) we are going to move to Nueva Concepción, Chalatenango, where they have the first land and we are going to lay the first stone of the infrastructure. It will take around eight months for us to start seeing the solar panels working,” he said.

In a previous meeting, where details of the project were discussed, the president of the Lempa River Hydroelectric Executive Commission (CEL), Daniel Álvarez, who will accompany the initiative, participated. “I thank the president of CEL, Daniel Álvarez, because he always opens the doors for us and is attentive to the investments that are being generated in El Salvador,” said the ambassador.

For his part, Josué López, stated that “it is an honor to be able to direct this project with the help of God and the Government of El Salvador. I owe myself to El Salvador, and all the investments of my fund will be for the purpose of benefiting our beautiful country,” said the investor.

Both Ambassador Mayorga and López valued the accompaniment of entrepreneurs and bitcoiners Max Keizer and Stacy Herbert for the support provided in terms of bitcoin mining and the exploration of new businesses based on the cryptoactive.