Beef will have a duty exemption in El Salvador until March 2023

The elimination of the tariff on meat imports into the national territory will be valid until March 2023, confirmed the Minister of Economy, María Luisa Hayem, when reporting on the work of the Government of President Bukele to combat the effects of the global crisis.

The minister explained that “the meat that is imported must be equal to or superior (in terms of quality) to what Salvadorans currently consume,” indicating the standards contemplated by the new regulations, which are based on the eleven measures against inflation driven by President Bukele.

To meet these requirements, the General Directorate of Customs, in collaboration with the Consumer Protection Office, will conduct a series of verifications in establishments and importers to ensure that the 30% reduction reaches Salvadorans’ pockets.

This is not the first food exemption promoted by the authorities, since the elimination of tariffs applies to products such as oils and butter, rice, sugar, onions, chili peppers, fertilizers, black beans, red beans, corn flour, wheat, fluid milk, yellow corn, and white corn.

Oranges, potatoes, bananas, cabbage, tomatoes, wheat in cereals and animal feed are added.