The government of President Bukele signs a memorandum of understanding and cooperation with Volvo Group in Gothenburg, Sweden

A high-level delegation from the government of El Salvador visited the headquarters of the VOLVO Group in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden, with the aim of promoting the modernization of public transport in El Salvador and discussing investment opportunities.

This Memorandum will allow cooperation and knowledge transfer in sustainable transport as well as capacity building, among other topics of mutual interest.

I emphasized the importance of El Salvador, through the said Memorandum, having collaboration in strengthening capacities from global companies such as VOLVO, an expert in the development of sustainable transportation systems. Likewise, the establishment of a commercial relationship with Volvo Buses for the transformation of the public transportation system in El Salvador.

During our visit, we got to know the electric bus charging station in Heden, Gothenburg, and later, we developed a work agenda that was led by the President of VOLVO Buses, Anna Westerberg, and the Senior Vice President of Volvo Buses, Dan Pettersson.

Our Vice Minister of Transport, Saul Castelar, presented the Public Transport Improvement Plan, highlighting the efforts and commitment of our President, Nayib Bukele, in the modernization of public transport. Next, the President of the Lempa River Hydroelectric Executive Commission (CEL), Daniel Alvarez, likewise presented the advances in energy matters and future plans.