El Salvador will benefit from agricultural technology to strengthen food production

During the visit of the Minister of Agriculture, Enrique Parada, to the Institute for Agricultural Protection and Health (IPSA), located in Nicaragua, as part of the efforts to guarantee the flow of food products between both countries and technical cooperation agreements, the official observed the development of microbiological analysis of food to determine if it meets the required quality standards.

Through this technical cooperation, El Salvador will be able to improve in the agricultural sector with the strengthening of phytosanitary certification processes (substances to protect plant health) through which producers will benefit from this type of agricultural technology.

As part of the international cooperation actions, the interim Minister of Agriculture will be able to replicate the good experiences adopted by Nicaragua with respect to agricultural development. In addition, El Salvador will also share its knowledge in the field.

The National System of Production, Consumption and Trade of Nicaragua, an institution of which the Institute for Agricultural Protection and Health (IPSA), located in Nicaragua, is a part, signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Agriculture of El Salvador that guarantees cooperation in the areas of ​​laboratory diagnosis, health, agricultural traceability and food safety.

The laboratories of the Institute for Agricultural Protection and Health (IPSA) have Phytosanitary care and Seed Quality areas; and Chemical and Biological Waste.

Minister Enrique Parada highlighted the advances in animal and plant health, agricultural research, and technological innovation that will benefit Salvadoran producers and, consequently, the population.