The Salvadoran diaspora is grateful and in favor of the re-election of President Bukele

The deputies of the foreign relations commission of the Legislative Assembly, Ana Figueroa and Walter Alemán, said this Friday morning that the diaspora is in favor of the presidential re-election because it recognizes the work that the president of the republic, Nayib Bukele, has done in El Salvador and abroad.

The deputies based their opinions on the survey that the Center for Social and Economic Studies of Central America (Ciesca) published last month, in which it revealed that more than 90% of Salvadorans living in seven states in the United States are in favor of the re-election.

For example, according to the survey, 93.94% of nationals living in Los Angeles are in favor of re-election and in New York, 92.90%.

The deputies said that the diaspora feels grateful because it has been taken into account for the consultations on the vote abroad for the 2024 elections and its services in the consulates have been improved.

For example, the Single Identity Document (DUI) is processed and delivered at the same moment by Salvadorans. In addition, obtaining criminal records, police solvencies, the issuance of visas, deaths, powers of attorney, passports, and marriage certificates.