Hospital Chivo Pets serviced 124,000 consultations

A little more than three months after its opening, the ChivoPets Veterinary Hospital has provided 124,000 cares to Salvadoran pets, ensuring animal welfare through the various procedures used in its facilities.

ChivoPets is the first hospital of its kind in El Salvador and was built as part of the vision of the President’s government, Nayib Bukele, for the welfare of companion animals.

The veterinary hospital is a benchmark in Latin America since it has 12 basic clinics, four emergency rooms, four operating rooms, a rehabilitation and isolation area, as well as a consultation and hairdressing area.

Among the features of the attention center that stand out are emergency care available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the ability to hospitalize more than 200 animals for a nominal fee of $0.25 per day.

In the event of requiring hospitalization, the owners of the pet are kept informed through the calls that can be made to 195, the service center that ChivoPets has enabled.

The Government highlighted the commitment to watch over pets through the initiative of the Special Law for Animal Protection and Welfare, whose approval in the Legislative Assembly gave way to the creation of the Animal Welfare Institute.

The government said the creation of the Animal Welfare Institute (IBA) was achieved, through which all cases of animal abuse are followed up in coordination with the municipalities, the National Civil Police, and the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic.