A Salvadoran from the diaspora inaugurates an air services company in the country

Regardless of the distance, Salvadorans never forget the little piece of land that saw them born, and as soon as they have an opportunity, they help their compatriots by generating jobs, in addition to taking advantage of the favorable climate that El Salvador enjoys.

Otto Madrid, for example, originally from Usulután and living in the United States for 20 years, came to the country to create and inaugurate his company “Link Aviation Services”, located in hangar 12 of the Ilopango International Airport, where he offers various aviation services such as private air transport, video and photographic shots from above, tourist flights, advertising, among others.

“This is a very promising project, with which we seek to participate in the promotion of tourism in the country. The business opportunities that the government is developing give us the freedom to be able to trust the country, come and start a new adventure that is called “the Salvadoran dream”, “explained the usuluteco.

His agency has all the permits and certifications required by the Civil Aviation Authority itself, which he achieved with the direct support and accompaniment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of El Salvador in the United States.

«We would not have done anything without the great work of the Embassy and Foreign Ministry. They have guided and accompanied us in every step we have taken. As a diaspora, we are grateful to have this support to establish ourselves,” added Otto.

The Salvadoran works as a flight instructor in his country of residence. Similarly, he serves as vice president of the Hispanic Contractors Association, where he promotes the opportunities and potential of the country to promote business ideas.