El Salvador is about to win the war against the gangs

As mandated by the Constitution of the Republic, President Nayib Bukele went before the Legislative Assembly yesterday to report on his third year as head of the Executive.

On national television, the Salvadoran president addressed the population and stressed that El Salvador has made progress in different areas and that multiple projects are currently being carried out that imply a strong investment.

The population that was present in the Blue Room of the Legislative Palace applauded and praised the president, demonstrating his total support for the three years of government.

A total of 79 deputies were present at the time of attending solemn session 2, which was inaugurated by President Nayib Bukele, a gesture granted by the president of Congress, Ernesto Castro.

Before beginning his speech, Bukele mentioned that our country is advancing in a titanic struggle to fight the cancer that gangs are and to eradicate them.

He also sent a special thanks to the first lady of the republic, Gabriela de Bukele, for her attention in favor of early childhood through the execution of the Nacer con Cariño law.

“In front of this Assembly, in front of the vice president and the entire government cabinet, in front of the three powers of the State, I tell you: we are about to win the war against the gangs,” the president continued.

On March 27, the Legislative Assembly, at the request of Bukele, endorsed a decree establishing an exception regime throughout the territory to provide the necessary legal instruments to security institutions to stop criminal groups.

The president stressed that during his administration, the National Civil Police and the Armed Forces have been provided with resources.

“A little over two months ago, we delivered the Yagu vehicles, which have tactical drones, infrared and thermal cameras and are adaptable to all types of terrain. All this would have been impossible without phase III of the Territorial Control Plan”, he added.

Currently, the public security authorities have captured more than 36,000 gang members, who no longer attack the population or steal their peace of mind.

Bukele thanked the current legislature, with a majority of New Ideas, for providing the necessary governance and approving the financing for the execution of phases I, II, and III of the Territorial Control Plan.

“That opposition, which the people decided in democratic elections that here, in this Assembly, it only had a few residues in that corner, today it tears its clothes,” he recalled, given the refusal he had for a year and 11 months of the legislature previous.

He asserted that, precisely, removing this intransigent opposition was part of the “other battles won.”

President Nayib Bukele also urged the population to continue supporting and maintaining all the achievements that have been achieved in these three years of his administration. “Today we are about to win the most difficult battle of all.

We are very close to winning the war against the gangs. And if we are capable of that, we can achieve everything we set out to do,” he added.

At the end of his speech, the head of state mentioned that El Salvador’s course is defined, and that with the support of the population it will be possible to continue obtaining more achievements and benefits.

The population that was in the Assembly, at the end of the speech, chanted the word “reelection”, as a special request for Bukele to seek to continue in office to win the next elections in 2024.

The possibility is open since the Constitutional Chamber ruled that he can be re-elected as president of the republic, while the Supreme Electoral Tribunal has affirmed that he will abide by it.