9/10 Salvadorans support the three years of President Bukele’s administration

Nine out of 10 Salvadorans approved of the three years in office of the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, and recognized his work in favor of the economy, health, and security.

The survey that the Social and Socioeconomic Studies Research Center of Central America (CIESCA) presented today reveals that 91.63% of Salvadorans approve of President Bukele’s management.

Likewise, 86.62% were in favor of the measures taken to face the COVID-19 pandemic, 90.13% endorsed the exception regime to improve security, and 86.47% agreed with the measures taken by the Executive against the economic crisis. By decision of the Executive, the price of fuel is frozen, in order to prevent increases in the international market from impacting the pockets of Salvadorans.

The diaspora also supports all the actions taken by the executive and is in favor of the president’s re-election in 2024. The diaspora was consulted in various states of the United States. For example, in Los Angeles, 93.94% are in favor of re-election. The president also has acceptance throughout the region. For example, according to the survey, 71% say that they would choose Bukele as president of Central America.

The Salvadoran Congress 

The survey also measured the population’s acceptance of the work of the new Legislative Assembly. 73.99% believe that the Legislature is doing a good job, and only 7.03% were against it. The rest said they did not know or did not respond.

According to the survey, Nuevas Ideas is the parliamentary group best evaluated by the population, and the worst evaluated are ARENA, FMLN, PCN, and PDC.