The Minister of the Interior in Peru says that the example of President Nayib Bukele should be followed

The new head of the Ministry of the Interior in Peru, Dimitri Senmache, indicated that the state of emergency that governs Lima and Callao, due to citizen insecurity, will be used to carry out impact actions, in the hope of citizens being able to walk through “areas Dangerous” without being mugged.

In this sense, Senmache praised what was done by President Nayib Bukele, who largely stopped the crimes perpetrated by the Mara Salvatrucha and Gang 18 with massive arrests of their members.

Senmache stressed that, in Peru, “things need to change” to achieve results, as in the declaration of an emergency, which is not a solution if the operations are not accompanied by a legislative package.

“The president entered, two and a half years had passed, or three years of his management, and the blow was forceful. Not that it has been resolved, but at least 80% yes. There, the criminal is afraid of the state, not the criminal’s state. That is what we have to do,” he commented.