El Salvador explores cooperation with Israel

Exploring investment, cooperation, and strengthening trade relations between El Salvador and Israel is the purpose of the official visit carried out by Minister María Luisa Hayem to the Middle Eastern country, reported the Ministry of Economy (MINEC).

According to official information, during the visit that will last until next Saturday, the officials will hold meetings with representatives of the Israeli public and business sector to share experiences on policies that led them to be a Startup Nation. Explore the benefits of investing in bitcoin in El Salvador and explore business opportunities.

Israel has earned the name “Startup Nation” because it has the highest number of startups per capita in the world, about one startup for every 1,400 people. The country has 8.5 million people.

As part of her visit, the minister participated in the most important cryptocurrency event in the region, called “Israel Crypto Conference 2022” where she held meetings with representatives of the public sector and the business sector to strengthen trade, investment, and innovation relations with that country.

According to specialized media, the conference is the largest conclave of its kind to take place in Israel since the start of the pandemic in 2020 and has a list of more than 700 businessmen, opinion leaders, investors, and legislators who are revolutionizing the global crypto landscape.

The Ministry of Economy indicated that, within the framework of the implementation of the Bitcoin Law, El Salvador has positioned itself as a potential country to attract investments from the crypto ecosystem.

“In this sense, it is in the interest of the Government of El Salvador to know the strategies, policies, and state programs for the development of the innovation ecosystem in Israel, as well as to position El Salvador as an investment destination in Bitcoin and explore new opportunities for business for the Salvadoran productive sectors in the Israeli market”, emphasized Economy.

Minister Hayem also held a working meeting with her Israeli counterpart, Orna Barbivay, in which they agreed to exchange knowledge on issues such as: accompaniment and financing mechanisms for the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises; and short training programs for the creation of human talent.