The natural gas plant Energía del Pacífico begins operations in Acajutla, Sonsonate

Pacific Energy (EDP), inaugurated this Monday the operations of a plant that generates energy from natural gas in Acajutla, Sonsonate.

The project is a 378 megawatt (MW) natural gas-based power plant, a floating storage and regasification unit, and an electrical transmission line of around 44 kilometers, which will connect to the Electrical Interconnection of the Countries of Central America (Siepac).

The president of the Executive Hydroelectric Commission of the Lempa River (CEL), Daniel Álvarez, together with executives of the company, gave the flag for the start of operations of this millionaire investment.

Álvarez assured that this project will provide the country with technologies that are at the forefront of the world in the energy sector, reaffirming the government’s commitment to continuing to support private investment in the country.

The official added that this energy project has meant a private investment of $1,000 million in the country, generating hundreds of direct and indirect jobs. This investment is also a sign of confidence in the business sector in El Salvador.

For his part, Michael Polsky, founder and CEO of Invenergy, one of the partners of Energía del Pacífico, stressed that this project has been possible thanks to the leadership and support provided by President Nayib Bukele from the beginning of his administration. 

For his part, Alberto Osorio, director of the project for Energía del Pacífico, indicated that with the completion of the construction of the plant, a more abundant, reliable, and clean energy future will be allowed for the country.

Osorio stated that the plant has been generating energy since May 1 of this year. To date, such production covers 30% of the country’s energy needs and provides necessary infrastructure for a growing economy.

“This is the most innovative and technically complex power project ever imagined, designed and built in the world. It is the largest investment in energy infrastructure in the history of El Salvador,” said the company executive.

In the previous government administration, the Energía del Pacífico project remained stagnant, and the investors were about to leave the country. However, the government of President Bukele gave a boost to the work, facilitating its execution.

On the other hand, the project generated more than 2,000 direct jobs, with the participation of more than 60% of local labor.