Arajet begins official negotiations to operate in El Salvador

The Dominican airline Arajet could begin direct operations between San Salvador and the Dominican Republic at the end of July, after company executives and the government of El Salvador began official negotiations.

As part of these efforts, on Tuesday President Nayib Bukele, together with the Commissioner of Strategic Projects, Cristian Flores, and the country’s director of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), Luis Rodríguez, held a meeting with senior executives of the Dominican airline Arajet , to discuss future investments in the country.

Together with all the institutions that represent the Government, we work with this openness and speed that characterizes President Nayib Bukele. This Airport has modern and extensive facilities and spaces that generate a positive experience for passengers”, explained Commissioner Flores.

The president of Arajet, Víctor Miguel Pacheco, stressed that one of the main objectives of Arajet “is to unite the peoples, and a brother nation such as El Salvador for the Dominican Republic is a great opportunity to achieve that goal.”

In this context, the president of the Civil Aviation Board of the Dominican Republic, Marte Piantini, confirmed that with the conversation “with President Nayib Bukele, we began the negotiations of the Air Agreement between the Dominican Republic and El Salvador.”

If an agreement is settled, a direct air connection would be opened between the two nations and Arajet would become the thirteenth airline to operate in Salvadoran territory, ratifying the confidence of foreign investors in the administration of President Bukele.

Arajet representatives arrived in the country this Monday, after several virtual meetings, ready to move forward in the process thanks to the strategies promoted by the government in the recovery of the air sector.