Tourism will be boosted by public investment 

The government advances in investment in public works to boost tourism and the national economy, taking into account that these are the first two economic impulses of a total of 10 that President Nayib Bukele announced in February of this year.

The most visible works in La Libertad are the Road to Surf City, the Amusement Park, and the overpass in the roundabout of the Utila neighborhood.

In this sense, to maintain the economic growth results of 2021, the government, through the Ministry of Public Works (MOP), plans to invest around $1,510 million in public works, with tourism being the most benefited.

Last February, the head of the MOP, Romeo Rodríguez, and the Minister of Tourism, Morena Valdez, began the construction of tourist infrastructure in Camino a Surf City, which consists of viewpoints, trails, a commercial area, restaurants, parking, and an amphitheater, so that users can enjoy the beautiful views of the beaches of La Libertad.

The executive announced improvements such as an amusement park as part of a transformation project of the tourist complex of the port of Libertad, where mechanical games and other works are being carried out.

In addition, the work on the viewpoint is progressing. The investment amounts to $2.5 million. The project will benefit the 85,235 inhabitants of the port of La Libertad, as well as motorists and visitors to the port area.

Likewise, Camino a Surf City is a 6.5-kilometre highway, inaugurated in 2021, and is a symbol of the work that since the beginning of Bukele’s administration has been developing for tourism and the advancement of road infrastructure works that benefit the population. 

On the other hand, progress is being made on the overpass of the Utila roundabout, which will improve traffic on the road to the port of La Libertad.