Worldwide recognition of the work in favor of children in El Salvador led by the First Lady Gabriela de Bukele

The work carried out by the government institutions involved in the National Early Childhood Policy, led by the First Lady of the Republic, Gabriela de Bukele, is being recognized worldwide by organizations such as the United Nations Organization (UN) through the National Strategy for Sustainable Food Systems.

El Salvador is currently the only member of the UN that includes and strengthens the promotion of breastfeeding through a legal framework for respectful childbirth and a policy aimed at protecting early childhood in the country. This is in order to convert these actions into fundamental initiatives for the food and nutritional security of the country.

The initiatives promoted by the Office of the First Lady have allowed the training of new professionals in support of breastfeeding, such as breastfeeding consultants, prenatal educators, and maternal and child health promoters, who prepare and accompany the mother and her family from pregnancy to successful breastfeeding.

Among the positive results of these strategies and the implementation of the law for early childhood in El Salvador, the authorities point out that 89% of newborns at this time began breastfeeding during their first hours of life.

All these initiatives for the benefit of early childhood are monitored and evaluated from a situational room at the national level and from surveys of mothers cared for in the maternities of the National Integrated Health System (SNIS).