The government of El Salvador seeks to provide the business sector with adequate conditions for a good performance against world inflation

The government of El Salvador reported that it seeks to verify that the business sector in the country has adequate conditions to perform well in the face of world inflation.

For this reason, the presidential commissioner for Strategic Projects, Cristian Flores, visits the Ternova company in La Libertad.

«It is a commitment to have an approach to the private sector; in this case, the national industry is very important to us” — said the official during his visit.

Flores explained that the company “has a reason for being, which is the transformation of products,” and that they not only favor the environment, but “become an economic chain.”

“Ternova Group allows the country to have more exports and have a presence in other markets” — presidential commissioner.

For his part, the vice president of the Flexible Packaging Business Unit at Ternova Group, Jorge Murillo, explained that they are a company “with 50 years of experience. We not only produce for this country, which we love very much, but we also produce for abroad.”

“The government is an enabler. We work with all our stakeholders so that the company can chain itself in El Salvador and outside of it. This type of linkage and this type of collaboration with the government of President Nayib Bukele generates synergies,” added Murillo.