The Salvadoran Congress will ratify a trade agreement that will give tariff benefits to 250 Bolivian products

Unanimously, the Foreign Relations Committee of the Legislative Assembly approved the ratification of the partial scope trade agreement between El Salvador and Bolivia, which provides tariff benefits to both nations for trading their products.

With the established alliance, Bolivia will grant tariff facilities to 259 Salvadoran products, such as tipalias, shrimp, grain, ground coffee, tuna, candies, fruit juices, and fishmeal, for one year.

Medicines for human and veterinary use, cosmetics, some plastic, paper and cardboard, clothing products, footwear, and iron and steel products, among others, are included.

“We have studied the ratification of this agreement and, in previous sessions, we received different institutions so that each one, based on their experience, could tell us about the benefits” — said the deputy of Nuevas Ideas, Ana Figueroa.

In response, El Salvador will provide entry with benefits to 250 Bolivian products, including fruits and vegetables such as onions, bananas, garlic, sweet corn, and cassava, among others.

Flowers, yerba mate, medicines, skins and leather, footwear, glass and its manufactures, lead tubes and pipe fittings, and metal furniture are among the items imported from South America.

Coffee, honey, beef, and pork, soybean oil, cocoa, and cocoa powder will also be received.

“The ratification of this agreement is good news for our growers, manufacturers, and the entire supply chain. We are taking up issues of importance for the entire country” — said the deputy of the Cyan Caucus, Edgar Mulato.

Bolivian products will be received in Salvadoran lands in accordance with World Trade Organization (WTO) sanitary measures.