The Economy Commission of the Salvadoran Congress gave the green light to build the Pacific train and airport

El Salvador is beginning to take giant steps in terms of economic investment, and the Pacific train and airport will be the two transcendental projects that will generate economic development for the Salvadoran population.

The economic commission of the Legislative Assembly issued a favorable opinion on President Nayib Bukele’s proposal to issue the Special Regime Law for the Simplification of Procedures and Administrative Acts Related to the Construction of the Pacific Train and the Law for the Construction , Administration, Operation, and Maintenance of the Pacific International Airport.

To obtain more details, the legislators summoned public works minister Romeo Herrera and the technical team of the autonomous executive port commission (CEPA).

Herrera explained that the Pacific Train will be built in several stages to speed it up, and will connect the entire territory through more than 600 kilometers of railway.

«We have a master plan for the development of the Tren del Pacfico. There are more than 600 kilometers of train that we want to develop. It will be done in phases, “said the head of public works.

The first stage will connect the municipality of Acajutla (Sonsonate) to San Salvador and will include train service for passengers and another for cargo that docks on the different ships that arrive at the port of the western municipality.

“We already have the basic engineering design for the Tren del Pacífico out to tender. We are trying to get international and national companies to participate” — he detailed.

Within the technical folder and the respective decree, it was stated that the Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of Housing will be the entities in charge of guaranteeing that all the families that are affected by the passage of the railway line on the land where they live are relocated. in decent spaces or they are assigned the respective funds so that they can buy a new space and resettle.

For its part, the CEPA technical team mentioned that the new Pacific International Airport will be located in Conchagua, La Unión, and will have the capacity to receive more than 80,000 passengers in its first year of operations.

The deputies, after listening to the technical opinions on this project, began the drafting of the respective decree, based on the elements that were exposed in the work session.

“These projects are going to be built and managed in the most transparent way possible, following a procedure,” said the president of the commission, Rodrigo Ayala.

The opinions that were approved will be made known to the plenary session of the legislature in today’s work session, and possibly, if there is a respective correlation of votes, they will be approved.