More than 5,700 gang members have been arrested in El Salvador

Until this past Sunday, April 3, the public security authorities had managed to capture 5,747 members of gang groups, a figure that was confirmed by the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele.

The president pointed out that the arrests have taken place in the last nine days, eight of which the authorities have been able to operate under the exceptional regime approved by the Legislative Assembly in response to an uptick in crime that occurred at the end of last month’s March across the country.

“Up to this point, the @PNCSV and the @FUERZARMADASV have made 5,747 arrests of gang members. Today they arrested the terrorist Noé León López, alias Fantasma, in col. Guayacan. This in 9 days and only 8 of them with the EXCEPTION REGIME” — President Bukele posted on social media.

While, in San Vicente, three dangerous gang members were arrested, “they committed crimes and planned to attack the population,” the PNC detailed. The gang members were identified as Daniel Orlando Enríquez, alias Lando, José Antonio Durán, alias Payor, and José Miguel Guadrón, alias Gato.