The violence surge in El Salvador seems to follow a pattern and a goal: to scare investors and tourists

In November 2021, the country registered a sudden rise in homicides that left more than 40 murders in three days, carried out by gangs and dark forces that are working to affect the security of the country. This homicide rise happened while the country was hosting an important Bitcoin-related event, for which many investors, crypto experts, and tourists were arriving in the country to attend.

This new and unfortunate wave of violence that El Salvador faces right now has a common factor with that of last November 2021: the arrival of investors and important businesspeople.

The murder figures of recent days show a trend contrary to the security achievements that the government has achieved, and members of the political opposition base all their attacks and criticisms of the government on a criminal crisis that favors their dark interests.

From social networks, staunch opposition activists began to complain to the government about the lack of security and the increase in violent crimes.

However, when President Nayib Bukele decided to ask the Salvadoran Congress for an exceptional regime to deal with the enormous increase in murders, critics of insecurity became defenders of the murderers, arguing that the measures endangered their human rights.

They are some of the most notorious opponents, having been part of the gang truce in previous governments, so their positions against criminals paying for their abominations are not new since they exhibit their lack of humanity towards the victims of organized crime.