El Salvador’s default risk is zero

This morning, the Minister of Finance, Alejandro Zelaya, presented two notices to the Attorney General of the Republic for alleged crimes against the treasury, as part of the Anti-Evasion Plan, launched in October 2019. During his stay in the place, he explained that El Salvador’s risk of default is zero.

The Minister assured that he has repeatedly talked with all the interested parties about El Salvador’s capacity to always fulfill its commitments. An example of responsibility that characterizes the government of President Nayib Bukele.

“I have said it in the legislative assembly, I have told the deputies, I have told the investors,” he mentioned some of the stakeholders.

“I recently had a meeting in Paris with bondholders and I reiterated it to them; I showed them all the fiscal scenarios. As a government, we always plan five alternative fiscal scenarios. If one of these does not work, the other will” — the minister detailed.

“Despite the dynamic reality we live in, we described the five alternative scenarios, and in all five, bondholders were completely sure that our risk of default is zero, because we have the capacity to pay all our commitments and we will continue to do so” — he concluded.