El Salvador officially becomes a full member of the Development Bank of Latin America

On this day, the Extraordinary Assembly of Shareholders of the Development Bank of Latin America approved the incorporation of the country as a full member, making of El Salvador the first State to join directly.

The accession of El Salvador takes place within the framework of the meetings of the Board of Directors and the Assembly of Shareholders of the Development Bank of Latin America, held in Asunción, Paraguay, with the aim of defining strategies and analyzing operations for the benefit of Latin America, from the view of the organism.

“On behalf of El Salvador and President Nayib Bukele, I want to thank the diligence to incorporate my country. We trust our partners for development” — Said the Minister of Finance Alejandro Zelaya.

In addition, the Minister added: “we are becoming not only a country that is committed to innovation and digitization of its economy, but also a country that generates trust in its development partners”


CAF’s president, Sergio DiazGranados, described the $7 billion increase in assets for the organization as a historic opportunity. This ratification was given unanimously, by consensus and with a lot of dialogue.