Yanci Urbina, a former FMLN deputy, has been summoned by the Commission in charge of investigating illegal bonuses at the Salvadoran Congress

Yanci Urbina, former president of the Consumer Protection Office in the governments of Mauricio Funes and Salvador Sánchez Cerén, was summoned this Thursday by a special commission of the Legislative Assembly that investigates the payment of illegal bonuses.

The news was given by the deputy of the Cyan Caucus, William Soriano, through his official Twitter account.

«First cited from the Government of Sánchez Cerén: former deputy and former president of the Consumer Ombudsman, Yanci Urbina. She has been summoned for Thursday, February 17, starting at 10:00 a.m. », published the parliamentarian.

According to the investigations of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR), approximately $2.5 million from the state coffers was distributed among the 10 former FMLN officials implicated in the embezzlement case, and for this reason, they are accused of money laundering crimes. of money and assets and illicit enrichment.