El Salvador international airport expansion generated 1,500 new jobs

The new terminal of the International Airport of El Salvador, opened last Tuesday, will generate 1,500 new jobs, assured the president of the Executive Port Commission (Cepa), Federico Anliker.

In its 22,000 square meters of construction, the new passenger area includes 14 commercial premises, a special migration area, VIP lounge service, five lounges, 19 lounges with a jet lane and 25 aircraft parking positions. Permanent jobs are placed in all areas.

“There are 1,500 new jobs that are being generated with this new terminal, plus those generated during its construction” — Federico stated.

Anliker said the airport’s expansion will impact the growth of tourism, which by 2022 projects a growth of 45%. This commitment also favors the creation of new sources of employment.

“President Bukele, on the day of the inauguration, announced the second economic boost, which is tourism, which is being heavily invested in in the country. In 2021, this sector recovered 103%, and the projections for 2022 are for an additional 45%» — he said.

In this sense, Cepa announced that on this day it expects the entry into operations in the country of the airline Tropic Air Belize and that “talking with the owner of the airline, he told me that there are many Europeans who arrive in Belize and many of them like surfing. They will make packages so that they can come and enjoy our beaches” — he said.

The head of the autonomous also referred to future projects such as the Pacific Airport, about which he stated that “we are well advanced. We are working with different government entities to streamline the project.”

Regarding the proposal to expand the port of Acajutla, the Cepa spokesperson said that it corresponds to one of the fundamental axes of the Cuscatlán Plan, promoted by the government of President Bukele.

The plan, he said, contemplates taking the port from a capacity of 280,000 containers a year to 1 million. “The Port of Acajutla is reaching the limit of its capacity and will begin this year with the construction of a 200,000-container yard as the first stage,” he said.

Regarding the Puerto de la Unión, he said that “it is up to us to carry out this project, we are working for it to be concessioned.” According to information from Cepa, this work, abandoned by previous administrations, costs Salvadorans between $8 and $10 million a year.

Regarding the rescue plan, he announced that the autonomous company is bringing investors to evaluate the work and that they are “companies that have experience in port administration.”