El Salvador rejects Nicaragua’s position and promotes cooperation to work for the development of the region

In the letter addressed to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua, Denis Moncada, the Chancellor of the Republic, Alexandra Hill, energetically rejected the content of the Nicaraguan diplomatic note and denied the naval incursion of Salvadoran ships in maritime spaces that that country -erroneously- claims to be its own, being these under the sovereignty and jurisdiction of the Republic of El Salvador, in accordance with the practice of the States and international law.

“My government considers unacceptable the line of argument that your Excellency uses to justify an evident violation of the sovereignty of El Salvador, even more so, for trying to create a non-existent perception of a provocative attitude on the part of the surface units of the Naval Force of El Salvador. Salvador, which, in compliance with its constitutional mandate, exercises a maritime presence and patrols over spaces that historically, legally, and geographically belong to it” — says part of the letter.

In addition, the diplomat expressed her formal and strongest protest against the repeated violations of Salvadoran sovereignty, committed by Nicaraguan vessels, a circumstance that erodes the friendly relations that should prevail between the two states with maritime neighbors, also altering peace and stability in the region.

“My government urges the government of the Republic of Nicaragua to join in the consolidation of a zone of peace, sustainable development, and security in the Central American region, which has always been an initiative and priority on the part of El Salvador, in order to strengthen good neighborly relations based on the principles of international law” — added Foreign Minister Alexandra Hill.