President Bukele inaugurated 30 rest areas in 30 public Salvadoran hospitals

On January 30, President Nayib Bukele inaugurated 30 rest areas of the 30 public hospitals. Unlike previous governments, where health was not a priority, now care is taken to dignify the daily work of medical personnel and raise the quality of care in the health system.

“These are basic areas that should be in any hospital, but until yesterday they did not exist. 80%, that is, 8 out of 10 hospitals did not have a rest area and they were built from scratch, as you can see: the floor, walls, ceiling, electrical installations and bathrooms are new” — explained President Bukele during the opening speech.

These new rest areas directly benefit Salvadoran medical personnel, since they will finally have a suitable place to rest during their shifts. This construction was achieved in 45 days.

In the past, health, education, and security were never a priority for the government. Now, step by step, the debts left by past administrations are being resolved.